Support Group

Studies show that support groups improve quality of life and survivorship for women with ovarian cancer. Studies also show that these groups can help reduce anxiety and depression. Our groups are professionally facilitated and offer women vital face-to-face connections with others living with ovarian cancer in safe, confidential surroundings.

“It’s an honor to guide this group through a journey about vulnerability, about strength, about grace, and about two of the most important words in any language- me too.” –Kathy Kurtz, LCSW.

We know that if you are joining one of our groups, you are dealing or have dealt with a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. And we know that’s not easy. This group is here to support you in this difficult journey. We offer a safe and caring environment for women dealing with ovarian cancer:

  • to meet with others who are experiencing similar challenges
  • to explore and share feelings about your situation
  • to discuss problems and stress arising from the illness and treatment
  • to learn about resources, treatment options and ways to manage side effects
  • to share humor, meaning and hope.

Professional Facilitation: Kathy Kurtz, MSW is our professional facilitator who invites everyone to talk about their own experiences and guides the discussion, sometimes presenting more structured information. Kathy has over 20 years of experience as a social worker and her background includes medical social work, individual counseling, and working with children.

Confidentiality & Respect: All shared information is to be respected and kept confidential. While talking with non-participants about your own experience on the call, it is important not to disclose information about other group members or mention them by name.

Support not Psychotherapy: It is important to remember that this is a support group, not a psychotherapy group. Support groups have been shown to be extremely helpful in improving quality of life and survivorship for those dealing with cancer. We want to offer this kind of help to as many people as we can. However, some issues are not appropriate to be dealt with in a group setting. For those facing such issues, we will attempt to refer them for appropriate assistance.

How do I become a member? Our group is open and ongoing, new members can join at any time. Before attending your first group, you will need to fill out our New Participant Form and send it to Kathy Kurtz our group facilitator. Kathy will then contact you about attending your first group. We accept participants at any stage of the cancer experience: newly diagnosed, dealing with recurrence, and long-term survivors. Attendance is completely voluntary. Have questions? Call 716-458-0382 or

Free of Charge: There is no cost to you for this group. All of the services of the Ovarian Cancer Project are free of charge.